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The Autumn Book Tag!

I saw this on Dora’s @BerriesandBooks earlier this month, and I thought that the first fay of Autumn was the perfect day to do this tag. I’m not sure who originally created the tag and I couldn’t figure it out, so if you know please let me know in the comments below.

Best Autumnal themed book cover?

To me this cover screams fall, I haven’t read this yet and I don’t yet know what I’m going to, if I do it will be sometime in the next few months, I might consider borrowing this from the library very soon. If you’ve read this book what did you think, I have heard some mixed reviews that have made me a little hesitant about picking this book up.

What fictional friend group would you trust with a Ouija board?

This is officially one of my newest favorite reads of all time, I absolutely loved A Curse So Dark and Lonely, and I would trust this cast of characters with anything, including a Ouija board. There characters really can do no wrong, I would trust them with my life.

Which book setting would you love to be celebrating in during Halloween night?

I think it’s a little obvious to go with Harry Potter, but can you blame me, who wouldn’t like to attend one of Nearly Headless Nick’s death day party with the golden trio, it’s an experience.

Best autumnal food description inside a story?

I don’t really notice food descriptions very much, so I can’t really answer this,

Which fictional character would you dress as?

I would have to say, if I would dress as a fictional character, it would have to be Feyre, she’s one of my favorite fictional characters. I love her character development throughout the series, I’ve been wanting to reread these books but I’ve been holding myself back.

An antagonist you would pledge your allegiance to?

This was a little hard, but I would have to say The Darkling, thought he’s not my favorite villain, he is the one I would follow just because of his intentions. Most villains are selfish and they just want power and are willing to do whatever it takes to get that, but The Darkling does everything he does because he believes it to be the right thing.

The creepiest book you’ve ever read?

In doing this tag I have noticed that I don’t really read enough creepy books, so the best I could come up with off the top of my head is The Wicked Deep because I loved the eerie atmospheric setting.

A book you’ve yet to read but will read this October?

I’ve been meaning to read this for a while now because I have heard amazing things about it, so this is one of my goals for October.

3 thoughts on “The Autumn Book Tag!

  1. I would honestly follow The Darkling off a cliff if he asked me to 😂 And HP always gives me major cosy Autumn/Winter vibes (I’m actually re-reading it atm although I started so late that I’m reading Goblet of Fire in Australian Spring now! 😂)

    💛 Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

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