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Top Ten Tuesday #49: Longest Book I’ve Ever Read

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Tuesday today which means it’s time for Top Ten Tuesdays. Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by @ThatArtsyReaderGirl where you choose 10 books that fit a certain prompt, this weeks prompt is Longest Books I’ve Ever Read. Most of this would have been the Harry Potter series, but I decided to only incude on of the books which is the longest books I’ve ever read, so most of the Harry Potter series would have been included on this list otherwise.

What are the longest books that you’ve ever read?

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #49: Longest Book I’ve Ever Read

  1. I knew I would find some Cassandra Clare books here! hahahah I also did the same and did not repeat from the same series, or I would have only 2 different ones.
    Have you read Breaking Dawn? I also have that one in my list but I have thhe fourth book instead of Eclipse. Maybe it depends on the editions though.

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    1. Breaking Dawn is the only book in the series that I haven’t read, if I had I have no doubt that it would be on this list. I’m hoping to read it sometime in November maybe.


  2. I still need to read Illuminae! Although now that I see it on your list of long books, I’ll need to make sure that I have plenty of time to devote to it. 🙂 Love Harry Potter and the Lunar Chronicles books!

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  3. I’ve got Harry Potter on my list as well, the Order of the Phoenix is just such a brick of a book. And I’ve got Breaking Dawn instead of Eclipse on my list as well, it was one of the books of my list that took me so long to finish.

    I didn’t realise the Lunar Chronicles books got so long!

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    1. I have no doubt that Breaking Dawn would have been on this list if I would have read it. I’m probably going to try and read it in November.
      It seems that with The Lunar Chronicles each book just gets longer.

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