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Top Ten Tuesday #17: Books I Decided I No Longer Interested in Reading

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s Tuesday today which means it’s time for Top Ten Tuesdays. Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by @ThatArtsyReaderGirl where you choose 10 books that fit a certain prompt, this weeks prompt is Books That I Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

What books are you no longer interested in reading?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #17: Books I Decided I No Longer Interested in Reading

    1. I started it a while ago but I only got about half-way through and I lost all interest in trying to try to get into it. I just had a lot issues with it.


  1. I read the Hundredth Queen. It had such a lovely cover and it was Kindle Unlimited but it turned out to be really disappointing. I can’t remember the love interest or what happened in the end at all. The mean girl/antagonist had more development than the love interest I think.

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    1. With the selection series I liked it enough, then I read the first book in the duology section of the series. When the final book came out, I decided to reread book four and discovered that I didn’t like it much, and I really didn’t care for the characters or what happened to them. Then after reflecting on the original three books I started to like them less.


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